Portable GE XRay Machines – Convenient, Cost-Effective

X-rays have been around since the late 19th Century, but have historically been cumbersome, expensive and not without their hazards. The modern, 21st-Century portable digital x-ray machine addresses many of these issues – and costs much less than you might expect.

A Brief History of Portable X-Ray Equipment

As you probably know, the first medical X-ray machine was invented by the German scientist William Roentgen in 1895. What may surprise you is that the first portable x-ray system was an American innovation that was developed less than a quarter-century later, in 1919. Fredrick Jones was not a medical scientist, but a mechanical engineer who reportedly overheard a doctor who said he wished he had such a device. Unfortunately for Jones – but happily for the medical profession – he failed to patent the invention, which allowed others to build on Jones’ work and create their own portable x-ray machines.

Portable X-Ray Machines Today

The drawback of early portable x-ray equipment was that it shared the shame danger of radiation exposure as the non-portable x-ray system, and also required the same toxic chemicals and inconvenient darkroom facilities as stationary x-ray machines. They were also rather heavy.

Today’s portable digital GE X Ray Machine can take advantage of the latest innovations in medical imaging technology – which as you know, has not only shrunk in physical size, but in cost as well – while providing more capabilities and versatility than ever. Digital technology means that modern portable GE X Ray Machines require no film and no developing. Instead, these images are saved in a format that is fully compatible with the latest DICOM protocols. Images taken with a portable digital AMX 4 x-ray machine can easily be transferred to any PC equipped with DICOM software and stored, e-mailed, archived and/or enhanced.

In addition, most AMX 4 Plus portable x-ray equipment today weighs in at no more than 90 pounds – making transport much easier.

Leading Names In The Industry

Soma Technology provides portable digital GE XRay Machines and portable x-ray equipment for over years; their units have an excellent history of reliability.

When your clinic or private practice decides that it can benefit from the economy and versatility of a portable x-ray system, Soma Technology will be there to offer a choice of quality GE AMX 4 Plus Portable GE X-ray Machines that can best fit your needs.


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