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Yuvaraju is a complete entertainer that you must watch on Aha. This movie has such an emotional rollercoaster that it touches your heart. This movie talks about loyalty and even about the morals that a person should carry all the time. If you love a person there’s always something that makes you hand on to him, this movie a son plays a major role as a token of love. Mahesh Babu is the hero in this movie and he has nailed the performance in each and every way. Watch Telugu movies free on Aha and enjoy. WatchYuvaraju movie online only on aha.



Yuvaraju is one of the classic movies of Mahesh Babu. This is a family movie which all age groups can watch happily. It has all the aspects that a movie needs from happiness to sorrow. So the movie begins with Srinivas coming back to Hyderabad and joining a college here itself. After that he meets a stylish, hot and sweet girl called Srivalli. They fall in love in college and decide to get married after a while. In the engagement he sees another woman called Srilatha. She also has a child named Teja. in the span of time Teja and Srinivas become very close to each other’s hearts. But the most awkward thing is that Srilatha and Srinivas have that uneasiness while talking. Srinivas and Srilatha are friends abroad by the time and she is even friends with Srivalli. Srivalli is a mysterious girl who doesn’t tell anybody in the college that she doesn’t have parents and even that she runs a ngo. Coming to Srilatha she tells everyone that her husband left her abroad and she has nothing more than this child. The more mysterious thing is that Teja is Srinivas’s kid and Srilatha got pregnant by him. Watch the movie to know what happened to them in the europe.

Technical Aspects:

  • This movie has the most beautiful and fun packed story. All the family together can go and watch this movie in a very good mood. This movie has strong information for love, sacrifice and togetherness.
  • Yuvaraju has complete engaging music, background music is also very intenseful where you can see most of the part is covered. Every song, tune and rhythm are very innovative and happening.
  • Locations of the movie are just beautiful, scenes in the forgines and even in India are really good to watch at.
  • The cast has the most of the credit for the movie. Their acting gave life to the movie with grace and joy.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Mahesh Babu

Actress: Simran

Other Actors: SakshiSivanand, Master Teja, Sivaji

Director: YVS Chowdary

Producer: BurugapallySivarama Krishna

Music Director: RamanaGogula

Dialogues: ChintapallyRamana

Cinematography: Ajay Vincent

Screenplay : YVS Chowdary

Editor: Bulli Reddy

Other Information:

Release Date: 14 April 2000

Running Time: 166 minutes

Genre: Romantic, Family, Drama

Budget: 2 crore

Watch Telugu movies free on Aha and enjoy. Watch Yuvaraju movie online only on Aha.

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