Be commited to your Recovery from Addiction

Be commited to your Recovery from Addiction

Once you complete a drug and alcohol treatment program, join a recovery support group and go to it regularly.
How often should you go to meetings?
There is no one answer. Everyone has different needs. Most people go to meetings at least twice a week in the beginning. Some people like to go to meetings everyday to deal with their urges for using. I think going once a week is a little too thin, because if you miss a meeting then you have to wait two weeks between meetings, which in the beginning is too long to deal with your urges on your own.

Go to meetings on the days that you used the most. Your body has an internal clock, and if you used every Friday at 6 o’clock, then that’s when you’ll have the strongest urges to use, and that’s when it’s best to be at a meeting.

Once you’ve been in recovery for five years your chances of relapse are greatly reduced, and you may be able to cut back on meetings. There is no one approach for everyone after five years. You should go to meetings at least once a month, and many people need to go more often. After five years, you probably won’t learn many new things at meetings. The main reason to continue to go is to remind yourself of where you’ve been and how quickly you can get back there if you start using again. You also go to meetings to help others and to give back.

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