The New Community Management School

It offers small scholar a program to highlight their quality in Filmmaking, most of the successful TV and movie celebrity have been successfully participated in that annual opposition in which qualified film designers decide and choose success to be awarded with trophies and money honor with different promotional offers. You will find three awards- Silver, gold and bronze including cash $5000, $3,000 and $2,000 respectively in movie arts and sciences for remarkable work in each category.
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The academic advice of students at their house is called Home Tuition. The service vendors of house tuition are often night academies of diverse types. These Quit 9 To 5 Academy Review are organized by teachers and non-educators. An educator-driven school may consider learning of pupil as her prime goal, while investor-driven academy concentrates largely on large profit. The fast lucrative get back and powerful tutoring produce a trade-off condition, now and then. Perfect pleasure of understanding wants of students/parents and reasonable happiness of monetary needs of educators / planners is crucial achievement factor of an academy. The paradoxical condition demands, inevitably, a thorough managerial/entrepreneurial method for effective Helpful Learning Atmosphere or Academy.

Almost, in house tutoring, a competent instructor is delivered directly to the client’s home. Young ones get an individualized guidance, not just a predetermined one that all children of this age/class attain, but one that’s created specifically for the child’s special requirements. An academy arranges house tutors. Parents/Students assess the final efficiency of tutor. A property trainer can be needed to deal with any specific require of a student. Periodically, the academy supervises the tutoring work to ensure the pupil gets efficient learning support in fragile places that want specific attention. Typically, parents supervise the tuition work of a tutor.

Need of home tuition is generally periodic function, parents demand tutors before exams for greater outcomes of their children. Home tuition is part-time task of teachers; they are accessible usually at night time. School graduates are frequently involved with home tuition. They charge a lot less as assess to experienced teachers. The tuition getting compensates their educational/non-educational expenses. Several educators adopt house tuition a full-time job.

Home tuition or academic guidance is invoked on account of three reasons – divergent learners’account, specific individual psychology and varied teachers’profile. Firstly, character lavishly offers countless presents to mankind, equally product and immaterial. Intellect is immaterial surprise of God. At rational stage, nature bestows humans numerous psychological faculties and abilities. The naturally imparted faculties/abilities are unique and latent in our mind. Typically, they are actualized only through external attempts, both conventional and informal. The educational process of a community is an official way to appreciate unique latent potential of students. However, at colleges, pupils understand anything with various speed. They’re rapid, moderate and gradual learner.

The scholar should strictly be enrolled in stage class at the universities acknowledged by SAA executive committee and the records should be centered on student-teacher relationship. The finished film titled for entry should be submitted to the SAA given on the web portal. The movie shouldn’t be for any other function i.e. – advertisement, promotional shows etc. and the working time of the film should really be 40 minutes including most of the credits. It’s compulsory English to function as language of the movie, sometimes subtitled or dubbed.

In the access variety accessible on line, it is should to mention the main person related to movie, in the event of several credits could be provided by clearly mentioning the details with this the appropriate contact facts must be provided in form. The movie ought to be presented in the appropriate sub-category in either domestic class or international category. The foreign members must verify their participation together entry per school is awarded which are SAA acknowledged non- U.S. customers of CILECT. Disappointment to follow the proper requirements can lead to disqualification from opposition, therefore does the failure to fulfil the entry demands within the mentioned period.

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Easy Turn Around PCB : Employing PCB Manufacturing Companies

If you would like a quick switch PCB, then you certainly need to be able to look for printed signal board companies that may be capable of design often the boards to suit your needs in a relatively short amount regarding time. Best larger companies get mass produced branded circuit boards by producers who tend to switch them out quickly. On the other hand, these larger companies frequently require which you buy a huge quantity of their products.

Having someone specifically produce your printed circuit plank designed with your layout and specifications in head can take period. Time that a smaller firm that is looking intended for PCBs don�t have. The ideal of both industrys is usually to get a firm that can give a rapid turn PCB for a great price.

When you make use of printed circuit board producers the fact that specialize in building quality items for small companies and provides lower levels of the items, a person can get the most effective of the two worlds. A person can get a new PCB that is developed especially for what your company needs complete with a good quality layout and design. As opposed to a new mass produced product you need to purchase in big quantities, you can get small levels of good quality merchandise.

Using printed circuit panel companies that appeal to smaller scale businesses not only saves you money, but also moment simply because well. Because PCB manufacturing can produce these kind of merchandise while using the same variety of materials used throughout the larger, mass created items, your company can save cash. While small scale PCB makers could give you a even more hands on method of your own personal product, as well because even more individual attention, anyone are whole lot more assured regarding getting exactly what a person desire when it happens to printed circuit forums for your company, since opposed to obtaining goods that are simply size created on a substantial quantity scale. You not really only get a quality merchandise, but your corporation finishes up saving money on the same time.

Companies that are looking for printed outlet board makers no more should rely on big, mass manufacturing companies to present these these merchandise. They can receive the models and layouts that they can desire with a high quality solution that has a satisfaction promise by using the company that could create PCBs that are quality designed with attention to details inside a short amount involving time. For quick turn around PCBs for your more compact centered company, look to be able to a PCB maker the fact that will cater to the wants of your smaller centered company.

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five Have to Stick to Rules For Sports activities Betting Beginners

One particular of the difficulties with athletics betting is the understanding hole amongst really knowledgeable bettors and newbies. Beginners are typically frightened to request concerns of knowledgeable gamblers, and there isn’t really considerably trusted details that they can attract on to assist them learn. Consequently it truly is easy to make a bad bet, get rid of, and in no way want to guess yet again. Use this info as a information to aid avoid that and get started out the appropriate way.

1. fifa55 of training course first have to choose which sorts of sports you want to bet on. You need to bet on the athletics you are the most acquainted with, which will help you make smarter choices. Your selection of sporting activities may also have an effect on the sort of sportsbook you finish up signing up with, as some market sporting activities from different nations around the world or regions may only be covered in sportsbooks from that location.

two. You need to contemplate if you might be delving into sporting activities betting as a component-time hobby or as a entire-time endeavor. The a lot more relaxed, relaxed sportsbooks have reduce limitations for bets and will have somewhat worse odds. The benefit to them is their offers, promotions, convenience and so forth. Skilled sportsbooks will have higher limits and much better odds, but will not usually offer a lot in the way of promotions. You also want to make positive you pick sportsbooks which have great reputations and a lengthy historical past.

3. Contemplating the regulations and rules with the US govt and on-line betting, your choices of sportsbooks may possibly be scaled-down than for other men and women. You have to make positive you select 1 in which the depositing and withdrawal options are genuine and are as simple as possible, so you will not get stuck in a scenario the place you cannot withdraw your winnings or anything at all like that.

four. Be positive that you realize all of the distinct varieties of bets that you will make. The best spot to start are straight up bets and cash traces. From there you can dive into level spreads, prop bets, futures, parlays and significantly much more. By no means make a variety of bet that you don’t completely realize. In addition, pay out attention to your odds. American publications, European decimal and British isles portion odds can all be converted amongst each and every other, so make certain you comprehend what they indicate before you location your wager down. Having all of these steps will help you remodel from an uninformed newbie to an skilled vet.

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A Free Way To Improve Your Traffic – Great Information For You

Experienced traders understand the effects of global changes on Foreign Change (Forex/FX) markets, stock areas and futures markets. Facets such as for instance fascination rate decisions, inflation, retail revenue, unemployment, professional shows, consumer assurance surveys, business message surveys, trade stability and production surveys influence currency movement. While traders could check this information manually applying old-fashioned news sources, profiting from automatic or algorithmic trading utilizing minimal latency news feeds is an often more expected and successful trading method that could raise profitability while lowering risk.

The faster a trader can receive economic information, analyze the information, make conclusions, use chance administration types and execute trades, the more profitable they could become. Computerized traders are usually more effective than manual traders as the automation can work with a tried rules-based trading strategy that utilizes money administration and chance management techniques. The technique will process tendencies, analyze knowledge and execute trades faster than the usual individual without any emotion. To be able to make the most of the lower latency information feeds it is important to have the correct reduced latency news supply company, have an effective trading strategy and the proper network infrastructure to guarantee the fastest probable latency to the news supply to be able to overcome your competitors on obtain records and fills or execution.

Low latency information feeds provide critical financial knowledge to innovative market members for whom pace is a high priority. While the remaining portion of the world receives economic media through aggregated media feeds, bureau services or bulk media such as for example nigeria political news of today Image result for political news in nigeriainternet sites, radio or tv low latency media traders count on lightning rapidly distribution of essential economic releases. These include careers figures, inflation information, and manufacturing indexes, immediately from the Bureau of Work Data, Commerce Team, and the Treasury Press Room in a machine-readable supply that is improved for algorithmic traders.

One method of managing the release of media can be an embargo. After the embargo is removed for media function, reporters enter the discharge knowledge into electronic structure that will be instantly distributed in a proprietary binary format. The information is sent around individual sites to many distribution items near numerous big cities across the world. To be able to get the headlines data as rapidly as you possibly can, it is vital that the trader work with a legitimate reduced latency media company that’s spent seriously in technology infrastructure. Embargoed information is requested with a resource never to be printed before a specific day and time or unless certain conditions have been met. The media is given sophisticated detect to be able to make for the release.

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Angkasa Bali jual meja Kantor, jual kursi Kantor, jual peralatan kantor, Furniture kantor dan Interior kantor.

Kami menyediakan berbagai alat kantor, furniture kantor dan Interior kantor Terlengkap di Bali. jual kursi kantor dan Produksi Made To Order (Sesuai Pesanan) Kami hadir untuk membantu dan Melengkapi segala keperluan Furniture Kantor dan Furniture Home anda dengan produk-produk berkualitas, Dengan Brand Ternama yang sudah terjamin kualitasnya seperti Uno, Tiger, High Point, Modera, Indachi, Donati, Ichiban, Lion, Brother, Alba, Expo, Global, Wiz, Subaru, Elite, Chitose, VIP, Ergotec, Futura, New Star, Chubb, Ichiban, Kensi, Vtec, GM, Dragon, Savello, Chairman, Daiko, Daito, Subaru, Alba, Datascrip, Aprossafe, Orbitrend, Frontline, Olympic, Prodesign, Hakari, Rakuda, Gemet, Ergosit, Fantoni, Choofu, Kyoku, Seahorse, Olymplast, Importa, Honeywell, Aveda, Aztec, Saga, Canon, dan berbagia Merek Terkenal Lainnya semuanya ada di Angkasa Bali Sebagai Distributor Pusat peralatan dan furniture kantor no 1 di Indonesia.

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Foreign exchange Investing Market – Making use of Forex trading Megadroid For Daily Profits

In the globe these days, there are numerous ways to make money by way of the internet. A single money producing prospect that is gaining recognition is the Foreign exchange Megadroid System. With this method, you could start off a organization in which you do not have to have staff, preserve no stock, do not have any advertising and marketing bills, and do not have any downlines that you are needed to fill up to make money. The only requirements for an on the internet company with the Forex Megadroid Program are that you have a personal computer and an net relationship that is reliable. With 1k daily profit members and by utilizing the Foreign exchange Megadroid System, you can make cash on a every day foundation and locate that your company is speedily creating very good revenue.

The vast majority of the function at home possibilities that are obtainable are not able to supply a total-time long term income. You even now have to rely on other sources of cash flow. If you begin a enterprise with the Forex Method, it has the possible to supply you with a total-time, reliable income that can be your sole income resource. At the same time, if you are merely hunting for supplemental cash flow and want to work the company portion-time, Fx investing can also provide you this opportunity.

Losses in the investing planet can be minimized via the use of the Forex trading Megadroid System. The technique uses a approach known as the Reverse Correlated Time and Value Evaluation, or RCTPA. Men and women that have place this method to perform can make a lot increased income than those that are not employing the program. This presents them an edge above the competition and the possible for significantly larger returns on their investments.

1 helpful perk with the Foreign exchange system is that it presents you the ability to demo the method with a cost-free demo and digital money for investing. You do not have to chance a single penny of your personal income. Brokers will have no notion that you are using the Foreign exchange Megadroid or that it is supplying you the means to in fact quadruple your cash.

The Forex trading Technique is excellent for even those that have by no means worked in the trade industry ahead of. The Fx Megadroid System can be accessed via a quite simple down load of the file to your computer. This is a plug and play system that will put in alone right away right after down load and be prepared to commence investing.

Even though the system is employed for profitable investing, it is also the first on the industry that uses the engineering of Reverse Correlated Time and Value Analysis. It is also the initial method that makes use of synthetic intelligence and performs in numerous market situations. The program also has the ability to predict fast modifications in the marketplace with precision. It can forecast industry adjustments that will take place in the following two to four hrs.

When you are creating a selection about a new trading method, preserve in head that the Forex Megadroid Method is person friendly and can increase the earnings of everyone from the most newbie to the most skilled traders. You will make a income on a day-to-day foundation by using this system and putting it to operate for you.

Assured ninety five.eighty two% Accuracy, Greatest Forex Robots []

Forex MegaDroid Indisputably Proves A Robot Can Trade With 95.82% Accuracy In Each and every One Market Issue And At Least Quadruple Each Solitary Greenback You Deposit. 38 many years of mixed Forex trading knowledge provides Megadroid RCTPA Technologies.

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WoW Your Adversaries on a World of Warcraft Escort Quest

Interact on as many quests as feasible and raise your WoW character amount. Check your value and obtain activities distinct from what you already experienced. Be amazed on a new landscape of prospective. Hold the curiosity burning for no quest is at any time the same. Feed up your desire and fulfill your require for adventure.

Be a very good Samaritan and help the escort quest, a non-participant character, have a safe journey amidst numerous untold hazard along the way. Nonetheless, note that by way of several rewards are to be obtained from an escort quest. They are not to be taken lightly. So, just before undertaking this 1 heroic deed, keep a fighter’s heart defeat for a problem.

Do not be on a hurry! Just take time to gas your character up as necessary. Whether you may have a pet for a organization or just have a handful of valuables for you to tie up all loose ends, you determine! Because, the instant you say a big Of course to this problem, no 1 understands where it would take you.

Otherwise, follow your charge you go as the character you serve goes. Be a witty, productive soldier. Guard the character you selected to escort. Bear in mind, without having them, your quest is over!

Be warn! Your escort ed character would are inclined to bring about mobs and guards with no warning. Be in constant serene perspective. Will not worry! Expect fantastic benefits following you carry residence the bacon.

For the a lot of, you are even now very considerably fortuitous because WoW information will help you dismiss any uneasiness you may well feel toward an escort quest. If you are considering two times in participating to this kind of a problem, enable WoW manual disperse any hesitancy you really feel as to regardless of whether you are up for the dare – goodluck for you!

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Exactly what you need Know About Buying the Projector Coming from eBay Or even Online Auction

Many people wish to purchase a home projection theater system but have to work inside the limits of the budget. Can a low cost projector be a viable substitute? While a thousand money is a lot of dollars, it actually will not be so much to pay intended for a new very good home theater projection system. An excellent property theater will provide decades involving entertainment from motion pictures, to video and computer games to vacation graphic slideshows. How though, could a person find a projected for less than one thousand dollars? How can anyone locate a quality projector of which as well fits the category of a new cheap projector? How can they make positive that is going for you to suit their needs?

1 of the most evident options is through listings. It is a very hard technique to order a good projected. The main reason is the fact all you can carry out is asking questions connected with someone who else has established that they are a new finding motivated sellers, proven by often the very fact they own submitted the projector on on the web auction. Bidding on the net could be done with quite a few level of assurance while. This is very an easy task to conceive of getting a really good multimedia projector to get less than a good million dollars in this method.

Making sure you ask this questions you want answered will be the first concern throughout finding a home movie theater projector online. While this specific may tone easy plenty of, that really is not necessarily when you think with regards to it. Such as:

Buyer: Why are you selling your own personal projector?

Seller: Due to the fact My spouse and i am thinking about purchasing a new projection technique. (Thinking, looking, considering… all are usually terminology to make the buyer beware)

Precisely why would certainly this simple problem and answer dissuade someone through actively bidding about this projector? Take Präsentationsbeamer ausleihen of minute to look on it whole lot more closely. The seller clearly wishes to sell the discharge product that they presently own. Yet “why carry out they want to sell off it” is the pertinent issue. The answer states that they are looking, considering, thinking about, as well as otherwise thinking about the obtain of a new technique, this is not in order to say that they happen to be definitely in the process of purchasing a brand-new technique. This in convert, should lead often the potential purchaser of the on the net auction projector to inquire themselves, and the owner, a compilation of other questions. Why are they offering the projector without acquiring found a new one they are sure of?

Whilst there are literally a huge number of different combinations of this specific very simple question and reply “red flag, ” typically the key is exactly the same in all of them. In the event that the owner will not really give specifics then purchaser be warned. It is enhanced to reduce a bid on a high quality projection theater system than it is to win perhaps with the bid to get a damaged projection product. The cost of maintenance, when relevant in the long term of projected life is crucial; this should n’t have to end up being a factor when purchasing a new projector, no make a difference where its bought.

Items to look for that could indicate it might in fact be a quality cheap projector usually are some type of upgrade on the part of the retailer. While they may nevertheless be very happy together with the unit they are providing, in some manner or another many people have managed to come up with the money for some sort of new household theater projected display plus build up. One other factor may very well be that these people were uninformed if they designed the purchase.

One particular major to making the innovative projector purchase is ensuring the store where this is ordered has a new good return coverage. Normal lighting, (while the most common matter, is not the only one) will cause several projector shows that seem great in the retail outlet show to function considerably less than ideally in the purchaser’s home. It may possibly properly be that the owner did not inquire typically the right issues when they bought the projector and they cannot return that. This happens more when compared with most people want to confess… with any number involving solutions, not necessarily just with discharge models. Asking the correct inquiries can help to make it much easier to determine out in the event the projector may be right for your requirements or not.

Ask this seller regarding the picture high quality of the output unit they are selling. In the event that the home owner is certain and gives you a answer saying that that is not the actual estimated, there could be other excuse factors that is going to make this great for a person to get a excellent deal over a great output system for well beneath one thousand bucks.

Locate out what kind associated with projection tv screen they will be using. If the projection screen is not ideally suitable for the home cinema projector these people obtained, of which could be a justification in favor of the buyer. Sometimes some sort of person will commit the great package of dollars with a projector and use the empty space on the structure to help project the multimedia systems displays. If the projected shuts down or flickers. This could be a indication that the projector is fine (For the moment) however has been collection up somewhere that may be sometimes too dusty for your discharge unit filters to maintain or it has been fixed up some time that now there is not sufficient air flow and the projection system can be overheating. Find out there specific specifics of where the projector is. One of these worried to ask questions. The worst that can transpire is they will refuse your own personal put money and save a person money. Not really the awful deal genuinely, and absolutely better than winding up using a home projector which will not really work at almost all or perhaps that needs hypostatic repairs.

Once you know that the particular projector is operating nicely but the picture excellent is not what it need to be, there could properly be one more frequently stumbled upon problem. This is known as the keystone result. Most projection products take place with keystone adjustment features. The strategy is to help enable the optic lenses to be changed horizontally plus vertically. Could can possibly be a great benefit in most projectors, some home theatre devices will turn into instantly bombarded with the keystone effect. To have a long tale short, the particular screen and the projector own pxs. The pixels are usually little curvy shaped areas where light source is projected plus exhibited. The keystone impact happens when the pixels on the screen are not necessarily correctly aligned with the pixels becoming projected from this projection model. This will greatly detract in the looking at pleasure and often leads to unpleasant feelings such as problems to the customer.

If the buyer can be willing (And well advised enough) to ask certain questions they should have unique answers. If the seller refuses to be unique or even to debate details, compared to do not wager. Actually! The well-informed customer will definitely never end up together with a significantly damaged projected, and just may, in the event that they ask the proper concerns, end up along with a high quality residence theater projection system with regard to well within thousand us dollars.

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Television set and Projector Lifts Give Many Benefits to His or her Owners

When considering creating a good sleek and attractive look in any room of the home or office that is made up of a television or projected and screen, using electric wall systems can proceed far toward achieving that will purpose.

Whether using projected take you or perhaps other sorts of motorized wall membrane systems, selecting the right kind of products makes that possible to tuck your own television set or even display efficiently away from when not around use.

In fact, many of the benefits associated with employing mechanized wall systems consist of:

The tv can be relocated out of the method if it is not in employ, whether raised out of the way or even folded out of area.

Dependant on the type involving lift you select, you possibly can adjust the angle with the television to enhance often the viewing position.

Some projected lifts will quickly decrease when the gear is activated, and will quickly raise as soon as turned away

When searching for the right power-driven wall techniques to suit your specific requirements, this is important for you to look at your lifestyle, this type of television or even projected you have, as well as your price range.

Clearly, you will wish to stick with merely those motorized wall programs that fit the proportions of your television as well as projected. At the identical time, you want to help be certain to decide on a quality system that one could rely on to perform appropriately each and every time you put that to use.

In the end, when you use your television set or maybe projected on a new regular basis, you don’t would like to chance having mechanised difficulties from inferior tools.

In addition to deciding on motorized wall structure systems that are of the appropriate dimensions, including those of which are made of quality materials in addition to with quality quality, anyone also want to go with a system that offers typically the features you desire.

For instance, not all television set lifting permit the user to be able to produce adjustments to the viewing viewpoint. Or, these that do provide for modifications may have limits for their range. With Tageslichtbeamer Verleih take you, on the some other hands, maybe you have to choose involving those that automatically pick up and lower when within make use of, and those of which have to be elevated and lowered separately.

The bottom line is that motorized wall methods can make your lifetime a lot easier, when also giving your house or maybe place of work a more streamlined plus more attractive appearance. With the same time, you ought to be sure to examine all of of your alternatives meticulously so you can always be certain the particular television system as well as projector boost you pick out is the right 1 to suit your unique needs.

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Customizing Your Trip With Screen Tints

The benefits of having often your vehicle’s windows colored or your conservatory or professional premises are numerous to express minimal with each form of application giving various benefits. Window tints may improve the look of your car on the surface with many skilled window tinting organizations stocking a selection of colours and colors which should match most vehicles. Window tints are not limited to aesthetic causes but window film could offer privacy for the occupants or articles within the vehicle.

Very often you can see limousines with the Tucson home window tint out and industrial cars with the windows colored to avoid the relaxed passerby from seeing the tool contents in the back. Using window picture to your cars windows may also fight glass breaking in case of an incident or even prevent criminals from entering the vehicle via the windows. If protection is of the most importance there are a range of safety shows which can be fixed to the glass to stop shattering and ingress to the vehicle.

In addition to increasing the exterior, screen picture may do much to protect the inner of your car or truck and occupants. Leather chairs are specially at risk of the sun’s harmful rays with extended exposure leading to weak, cracked and discoloured leather. Most contemporary films include UV blockers that will reduce 99% of these dangerous rays therefore giving the interior some safety against damage. This really is also particularly useful for the occupants of the automobile because these UV rays are also responsible for producing epidermis injury particularly in small children.

Dorset use film that will be damage immune and will not remove or fade after a few weeks or months like do-it-yourself tinting packages often will. Once professionally fitted and healed good quality picture must last an eternity against these problems and their no-metal technology means you don’t have to fear anymore about reflectivity, deterioration, or interference with gadgets such as for example cell phones or satellite navigation. A car motion picture qualified provides a guarantee on the tint. Depending on the kind of movie you purchase you may actually get an eternity guarantee on the shade that is transferable to any potential homeowners of the car.

There are numerous different shades and degrees of hue accessible and also stringent rules which windows the movie can be fixed to. For these causes it is advisable to consult a specialist before deciding on what color you should get for the car’s windows. Doing this will save you from having to eliminate a do-it-yourself sort of tint which will usually not be of good quality and might be illegal.

When you have ever peaceful in your conservatory throughout the warm summer season and looked over the heat you will appreciate how hot and uncomfortable it actually is. Screen picture can somewhat lower the heat and glare in the summer usually presented by the midday sun. Window picture is easily used and seems great year following year. As with car tints, residential window film is available in many different colors and completes to help you fully customize the design of your property while keepin constantly your safety needs in mind.

Having drapes and shades attracted throughout summer time may cut right out lots of mild and let us experience it, no-one wants to help keep their drapes drawn when the elements external is lovely and sunny. With screen film on your windows you can hold your curtains or blinds wide open and appreciate your views with the applying of window tinting. Excellent motion picture movie products and services stop around 95% of heat-causing infrared mild and almost all of the UV light that causes furniture fading. There is a constant need to be concerned about the changing angles of the sun possibly as motion picture safeguards all year long. As effectively applying picture to glass, window film can also be put on polycarbonate roofs because they allow in a lot of temperature throughout summer time months.

Many homeowners don’t consider simply how much temperature is loading through the windows before the problem gets actually severe throughout the height of summer. During these summer season most excellent window tinting businesses get inundated with demands for services and soon get booked up. If you wait till then may very well not manage to have the reduction you are searching for when you need it most an

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